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The Stone of Destiny app for iPhone and iPad

4.9 ( 5129 ratings )
Games Entertainment Adventure Puzzle
Developer: Avallon Alliance Ltd.
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 14 Sep 2008
App size: 27.04 Mb

Fancy yourself an adventurer, finding valuable hidden treasures that others have unsuccessfully searched for. Maybe a good, old fashioned mystery is just the ticket for you?

The Stone of Destiny has something for every adventurous spirit in search of intrigue. Explore the foreboding ruins of mystic temples and libraries or investigate the ancient altar where a precious object may be cleverly hidden. You never know where objects may be found, you’ll have to keep an open mind and be thorough. The yellowed map of the world may even lead you to the briny depths in search a long forgotten shipwreck.

You’ll love the beautiful, high resolution graphics and ease of playing that this app offers. If you can tap a screen, you can interact with it. There’s a zoom in feature that will help you see up close when searching for objects, and the program is available in English, Russian and French.

The Stone of Destiny is the perfect game for those times when you want light hearted entertainment that still captivates your interest. Grab this great little app now and let the adventure begin.

Pros and cons of The Stone of Destiny app for iPhone and iPad

The Stone of Destiny app good for

Thank you for putting this great game on for .99 cents on the day I just happened onto it. Ive been to the website and watched the trailer and it looks awesome! I cant wait to get it onto my iPod Touch 2G and try it out. I love hidden object and puzzle games so this one is right up my alley. Thanks again! Sylvie
Not bad at all :). It plays as advertised and for only 0.99 its a steal.
I Love this game. Ive been waiting for one of these types to come along. Great app to pass the time away. Thanks
This game is amazing .. Luckily I got it for 99 cents. PS: mr. Vadall stop complaining now. This games explanation clearly said that it was on sale for 99 cents only on September 30th. You bought this on October 1st.. and it is clearly saying that it is $1.99 today
Its really fun to play, and for it to be only 0.99$ its great. And for them to put it on sale again even though it said only for sept 30, and it only raised by one dollar to 1.99$ is great, be thankful.
Despite the simplicity in the game mechanics, its still an enjoyable game. A simple find-hidden-stuff-on-screen game but can get quite challenging with the way objects are placed in the scene. Not meant for those w/o patience because random taps incur penalties. Other puzzles are present too.

Some bad moments

I was expecting alot more from this game. Sure it has great graphics, but this game is so lame. I got bored of it within 5 min. Wheres the fun in randomly tapping the screen to find objects??
This game is is very simple and easy. If you like to look for objects in a collage, then you will love this. If you expect a challenge, then look elsewhere and save your money.
About the best thing I can say about this game is that the pictures are nice. Unfortunately, its wholly unchallenging (you can just tap randomly on the screen to find most of the objects). The "puzzles" have all been ridiculously easy so far. If you really like "Wheres Waldo", then go for it... Otherwise youll probably be disappointed.
Graphics are cool, but this "game" is fun for about 2 minutes. Defenitly not a mystery game. More like "wheres waldo" over and over again.
The price of this game changes daily. First its .99 then 1.99 then 2.99 and now back to .99. They keep falsely advertising as a "one day only" price which is a lie.
At first it was inriguing.... Then as you go along the levels, you find the story to be lame as well as the gameplay. Well, what gameplay. You start to realize youre doing the same thing over and over. The graphics are not up to my standards (as an art director) and they use the same "fire" effects in the story over and over and over as though its the only special effect they have. Its too much actually. Anyway Im sure theres a lot of improvement that could be done to this, if they ever think of a sequel. Please limit the "fire" effects and introduce something else!